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Windows 7 and laptop Batteries

since around half october I have  been using WIN7 as my main OS on my laptop. At this moment, my laptop battery was working perfectly. Not as good as when it was brand new, but it was working for around 2-2.5 hours (Depending on what I was doing at that moment ofcourse ;)).

However, since I installed WIN7 its getting worse and worse. Begin Januari I noticed my battery was empty after around 1 hour. Woah, thats fast. 2 weeks ago, it was 45 minutes. Its getting worse and worse. According to WIN7 this was at this moment time to replace my battery. It was causing issues, and it might cause that your PC shutdown unexpected. WTF? Looking at google, it gave me some info, and WIN7 does give this message at the moment when the battery charges for less then 40%. At that moment it was 37%.
Now, 1 week ago, this was at 19%, and I was only able to use my battery for 30 minutes. Today, I was able to use it 20 minutes. I suppose within to weeks its just dead? 😛

Now, this is actually going to cost me some money, a new battery isnt cheap. I suppose I also should kick out WIN7, else my brand new battery will be dead within months as well… Time to install ubuntu I suppose.