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oAuth2 with Android (Part 2)

This is the fourth post in the series over oAuth with Symfony2, iOS and Android. All posts in this serie can be found here.
With this post we are continuing to work on the Android app, and start adding the needed oAuth libraries and adding network functionality.

All code from this post can be found here at Github. Because wordpress doesn’t seem to work that well with the included code in this blog, I suggest to use the code from the repository. I created a tag in the repo for the part that was at the end of this second part.

I assume within this post that you are at the same stage with your code as we ended in part 1.

To handle all oAuth related requests we are going to use a library that does all the hard work for us. This library can be found on Github.

Lets start with adding this library to our app. Because I am using Android Studio, dependencies and things like that are not handled by maven, but with Gradle. You should edit the build.gradle which is located in the android directory, not in the root!
Add in the dependencies section the next line:

compile 'com.wu-man:android-oauth-client:0.0.3'

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