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PIC programming

Another day, and another day with programming my PIC. Posted some more pictures at flickr of the PICs, both are now wired up nearly. Tomorrow hopefully testing the complete thing, and hoping it works 😛

working with the PIC

Last week I wrote already about a schoolproject iam currently busy with. withing this project the goal is to make a wireless connection into school.

This afternoon I finally got my programmer from the UK, and now iam able to program the used microcontroller. Some pics of this can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/paulsohier/sets/72157616592620524/

Hopefully I get tomorrow the first real results with the wireless connection 😛

Working with a PIC microcontroller

As some of you probarly know iam currently doing a bachelor of electronics.

One of my current projects iam working on at school is developing a wireless connection from the schools roof to the techopark (3 floors lower).
The goal is to send 4 analog signals to the technopark. For this we made a design of a PCB that uses a FM radio signal at 433MHz to transmit all this data.
Sounds easy, isnt it?
No, it isnt. Firstly we had the basic problem to design the PCB. This wasnt that difficult at all. Just a few zener diode’s and it works (Probarly?)

After this we needed to choose what PIC we wanted to use and what pre made receiver and transmittor. This took some time but we found good things.

The problem we are currently having is to actually program our PIC. Hopefully the just ordered programmer arrives pretty soon so we can finish this project on time 🙁