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oAuth2 with iOS (part 1)

So, now we are finished with the Android app, we start with creating the iOS app. For previous posts in this series, see here :).
Currently, Apple announced iOS 8 with their new swift language and a new xCode on WWDC a few days ago. While I am not going to use Swift for this tutorial, I will use Xcode 6 and iOS 8. I haven’t tried any of this code on previous iOS/xcode versions, however I guess it should not be a issue.

Lets start with the basics. We will use the same approach as with the Android app. We have a local Database (In this case we use core data, more on that later on), a simple table view, and a few buttons to add or delete data.
To implement the Core Data stuff, I use some code from tutorials created by Paul Hegarty. I won’t be going very deep into the Core Data related stuff, it is explained very well by Paul.

All code and examples I provide here are tested/shown on a iPad mini retina or a iPhone 5S. Both have iOS 8 Beta 1.

Like with he Android app, all code can be found in GIT. The code like at the end of the project can be found here.

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