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holiday plans

Yes, its finally holiday (And a long time ago I didnt write anything real here), and I hope I finally have some free time to do some stuff I planned for some time already.
Since last April iam already busy with the new style for “Het Gamehuis”, what is custom made for us. The only thing we needed to do was making from a sliced PSD a real phpBB3 style. Iam currently (Actually since April) busy with this, and its getting nice :).
But it still need to be finished, so this is something I really want to do this holiday completely :P.

Besides that I will try to find llook into Debian Lenny (Whats hopefully soon to be released) with Xen.  This will be used later possible for some new things hosthuis might going to use. This is already on my todo list for some time, and hopefully I will be able to do this now.
It at least need to be done before around May :P.
Hopefully my old PIII will be good enough to do my tests on 😛

After that I also need some school stuff, like learning for a test again. The first monday after my holidays I need to  my math test again, as I failed for my first try. So I need to learn pretty much for that :(.

So I at least have enough things to do :P.