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Direct Admin API

The last few weeks I have been working with the Direct Admin API for a new android application. Badly enough the direct admin API is just one large pain to work with, there are several issues with it, and they all cause a general pain really. Continue reading Direct Admin API

Apple and the iPad

I have never been a fan of Apple products, and due to that I never really used a apple product (Ok, there might be a exception there, as I used for some time a ipod for music, but I still dont see that really as using it :P). Untill 2 weeks ago, from some client I got for the work I did a iPad (Instead of normal money :P) as thanks. Now I used it for 2 weeks or so I need to see I actually like it. Since last year I have been a Android fan, however Android has its problems, mostly due to the different companies using and mostly modifing, Android. On nearly every mobile phone or tablet the Android experience is different, the UI is different, and you have no idea if a App that is written for a specific Android version actually works on that device. With this iPad, I havent see yet any of the problems caused by the many Android devices that apps have. The apps just works (Ok, they still crash sometimes, but android apps do the same).
I need to say, iam surely impressed by the iPad with it current state when I compare it to Android. I still would not buy it myself, but it is not as bad at all as I had thought. My main concerns still are the required use of iTunes, what is not working at Linux at all, and thats my main OS, the kinda closeness of Apple, and the requirement to use a Apple thing to write apps. But I dunno, I might change opinions and move more to Apple if Android does not improvide.

Android and JSON

This afternoon I needed to create a JSON string in Android. Trying to search this at google I found nearly no results, except for reading/parseing a JSON string. I didnt need that (yet), I just needed to serialize/create a JSON string. At the end I came up with the next class to generate a basic JSON string, and to use it to post to a website.

The class includes a method that returns a HttpEntity, that can be directly used to send to a website via HttpPost.
Continue reading Android and JSON