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Toshiba and ubuntu

Yes, I know I wrote earlier about this problemhere at my blog, however, thats now already a few days ago, and since I actually didnt write anything about it. Looking back at the last week I havent found any solution really yet for my fan problem at my laptop. its still not really working currently. The fan just does nothing, and the temperature raises till around 75C. At this moment (I havent found the exact temperature yet) the fan starts to blow at full speed, and doesnt stop untill I reboot the laptop.

Recompilling the kernel, or the other fixes I mentioned earlier dont work, so there currently is as far I can see not really a solution, except not using ubuntu. Damn. Hopefully its fixed in the next release, but iam afraid it will not be fixed :(. Unless someone else knows a solution ofcourse 😛

the process of compile a new kernel(2)

Yesterday I wrote about compiling myself out a new kernel. As everything new, it will not always succeed at the first try :). And the same here. After compiling, what took around 2.5 hours at my laptop (Iam currently considering building a VM to do this kind of things at a hosthuis server, we have enough CPU there to build it instead), there was just at the end one small error. This badly enough resulted in a non work .deb file, that didnt contain a kernel. Continue reading the process of compile a new kernel(2)