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Things can be easy sometimes

remember that I wrote about that KVM wasn’t working a few days ago? Yesterday I finally discovered the problem. I forgot to enable hardware virtualisation in my bios. Sometimes, iam just not so smart 😛

Using KVM for virtualisation, why?

A month ago I wrote already in my previous post that is using KVM for there servers. Now that we moved our first server as well to a new datacentre, we are currently installing KVM on that server as well. A lot people think KVM is something complete else as virtualisation, and actually they are both correct as wrong. They are thinking its a KVM Switch, what means you can control serveral server/PC s with 1 keyboard or mouse (Locally, or with a special device via internet). However, this KVM stands for Kernel-based Virtual Machine, something complete else 🙂 Continue reading Using KVM for virtualisation, why?