3D Printing

3D printing at home gets more affordable for the average user.
If you want to have something printed, you can order it below for a small fee. Keep in mind that this is not a profesional service, but more for prototyping.
The order is handled by 3DHubs.com, payments are handled as escrow service.

Order a 3D Print

In total I have (Currently) two printers. One is a original Prusa i3, and uses 3mm filament, currently only printing ABS. The second one is a original prusa i3 mk2, which uses 1.75mm filement, and is able to print up to 50micron. The MK2 can print PLA and ABS, and offers different colors. If you want a specific color (Or a different kind of material), please let me know and I might be able to offer it.