What Microsoft does good.

I know the title is actually already controversial, and I did actually agree with that untill last year, I started using Windows 8 since a few weeks. Besides using Windows 8 itself, I also have a Windows 8 phone, and tried some Windows store development (Not for Windows phone 8 yet, but that might happens as well in the feature.)

When I started with the development of apps, I had some issues with the order, and filling in some tax forms. To get this fixed, I asked in the weekend before christmas by email a question how that should be filled, and how it could be solved fully without issues with my other account. I received, in a holiday weekend, within a few hours a answer, that answered the question, and wasnt a standard canned response. I havent seen many companies with a custom reply as first answer. Even worse, there are some companies (Google) that hevent answered the email I send two years ago… Good contact with developers is not only important, it will also help binding them to your platform (Ofcourse some things are way more important as this).

To make this thing even more interesting, was a call I got from someone from the USA last week, asking if I needed any help with the rejectal of my app. He wanted to make sure I had understand all issues, and I could solve it for submission, as it was rejected 2 weeks ago already, and not submitted. The only time I got called by Google was to say the two step verification number, as the text message didnt arrive.

While I personally still prefer open source software (And I still think it is possible to release software as open source for the Windows store, just not under all licenses), I think microsoft is actually doing great with their platform and their responses to developers with a real person, instead of canned or even no response at all like with other companies.

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