Windows, the new experience?

Some of you might know that I havent used windows for the last few years (Ok, there are a few exceptions, sometimes you cant do without it, and for the last few months I used it at work as well). Now I bought my new PC last weekend I decided to get a Windows8 license with it as well. Why? Pretty easy, I like some photografy, and as editing photos requires basicly or Windows, or a mac, I decided to stay safe and go for Windows. Untill now I used my parents computer to do the editing, however that doesnt really work out well. I cant use the PC at all times I want to, and I am required to save all my photos on a network share (However, I might still do that with my new PC, but thats something else). The first experience with Windows8, for a Linux user for at least 5 years, is not bad at all.The first thing is the installation. The last time I installed a Windows version was still with Windows XP (And I guess SP1, but it might just be SP2). The average time the installation required was around 1.5 hour, depending on the hardware back then. Lets compare it with yesterday. Once I had the hardware fully installed (It came in parts, cheaper and you can choose actually the hardware you want yourself. In my case I made the descision to go for a i7 3770 (Yes, not the K version, Iam not interested in overclocking it, however iam interested in the power the i7 can provide with the stuff I use it for :)) 16GB RAM, and a relative simple motherboard), the installation of Windows itself took 15 minutes, including fixing a not fully connected SSD causing to restart the installation once it was nearly completed. Thats a whole lot faster, even if the hardware is a whole lot faster :), as with windows XP. It is also a whole lot faster as the average Linux installation (I think last time I installed Debian, it took me a hour or something). So once the installation was done, it was kinda a suprise i actually had some time to try it out for a while., While I still needed to install some of the required drivers for my GPU and motherboard, the PC itself was usable (Only the second monitor didnt work yet). If I like the new metro interface? I dont know yet. I need to say I switched pretty fast to the normal desktop, but I havent really tried metro yet. I hope to get some more blog posts in the upcoming weeks with one of the questions if I like metro, or not. Iam also going to try installing Debian besides my Windows 8 (Remember safeboot etc and Windows8 / Linux? I do, so Iam curious how this is going to work out :)). My first views of Windows 8? It is different, but it looks like some things are very well thought about. More in the following weeks.

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