the process of compile a new kernel(2)

Yesterday I wrote about compiling myself out a new kernel. As everything new, it will not always succeed at the first try :). And the same here. After compiling, what took around 2.5 hours at my laptop (Iam currently considering building a VM to do this kind of things at a hosthuis server, we have enough CPU there to build it instead), there was just at the end one small error. This badly enough resulted in a non work .deb file, that didnt contain a kernel.

I suppose thats kinda caused by the fact that I used 2 different tuts to build your own kernel. Currently iam trying the same again (Only this time from a git repo, instead of from the current kernel that ubuntu uses :)), using now just one tuturial. (Just a note, I wrote this post pretty short after the previous one, however, I decided that I just wanted to publish one post a day, so you will read this a bit later, sorry). Hopefully, with this method I will have a brand new working kernel, instead of a non working kernel.

Also, iam currently considering if I want to publish these kernel or not. I suppose I actually dont want it, as it mean people will suspect to actually receive support from me. However, I really dont have the time (And probarly also dont have enough knowledge :)) to support these. So I need to think a bit about that part :).

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