Ajax Shoutbox, no new life.

I know I wrote some time ago a post about that the Ajax Shoutbox gets a new life
This did happen a few days after that post. Badly enough for a lot users there were some users who werent able to follow the instructions I gave to receive support or to report bugs, and even after a few days the topic at phpBB.com was a mess.
Due to this, I decided at that moment that I again stopped the MOD, and that iam not going to publish it anymore in the feature. The MOD will, in the form of how it was, not come back again. It will not be published nor support will be given.

Posting a comment about when support starts again or where you can find the download will not help. I will not provide a download link nor provide support for it. This is caused by the few users who werent able to read what I wrote and just did what they thought was good.
Sorry all.

To give at least a very very very small bit of hope. For a current new site iam currently busy with a complete rewrite of it, and maybe maybe maybe I might publish that brand new version. Hower, iam not going to make anyone more happy as it looks like, so don’t expect that it happens, untill it actually did happen!

1 thought on “Ajax Shoutbox, no new life.

  1. Sorry Paul to hear that. I love your shout box. Let my guess: Some guys who did not RTFM messed their box up and blamed you? Some of my work is free too and it happens from time to time that I get some sort of “demands” that really piss me of. *sigh* I tend to ignore it. 🙂

    Keep your head up!

    Greetings, Tino

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