Looking back at the last 2 year(2)

Its already some time ago (maybe way too long ago? :), the first draft of this post was written at July 11 😛 ) that I did post about the last 2 years. Today I will be looking at the last year, where a lot things has been changed.

Last year, in September 2008 I did finally start again a new study. This time it was a bachelor study (Where I got access to with my previous study I passed). Badly enough the year did start not that good at school. The math classes I got were very difficult to follow, and I did fail for the first math class. I did not understand the math that was given, so I was unable to pass badly enough. Luckily enough I passed all other classes that first period.
The second period wasnt much better.
That period I at least passed math, but I failed for other classes due to the math from the first period that was used in the first period. And this kind of things happened all year long. as I did not understand 3 of the 4 math classes, and nearly all classes were based of these math. So I had a very large problem.
At the end of the year the conclusion was pretty easy, I didnt have enough credits to be allowed for the next year.
So I needed to decide what I wanted to do now. I had 2 choices, stop with school and go working, or start a new study. And that second option I did choose. So tomorrow I start a new study, called Technische Informatica (In english, Computer Engineering). Hopefully this study does not contain that many maths :P.

Ofcourse a lot other things did happen the last year within my life. My English is again a lot improved (Still, with a lot of grammar mistakes :)), and I passed for the first time ever a English class without taking the exam twice.
And in the phpBB world of myself a lot things changed as well. I got a new TL (After some internal angryness), and decided a few months after that to switch teams at phpBB.com. This meant instead of being responsible for the MODDB at phpBB.com I now am a support team member, what means I just provide support at the support forums at phpBB.com. Something complete different I would say.

The next post (What will be post number 100!) will be about what I want in the feature. Hopefully it will be soon posted 🙂

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