Looking back at the last 2 year

You might not have noticed it, but my blog here is started nearly 2 years ago, and since that moment I posted nearly 100th blog posts. This will be post number 98 :).

With the coming few posts iam going to look back a bit in these last 2 years. The last 2 years a lot of things changed.

Lets start with looking why and when I actually started this blog. It stared actually at september 28, with this post: http://paulsohier.nl/blog/2007/09/28/welkom/
But a bit I start already working on the site itself. The domain was registred a few weeks before, at a moment I just left the phpBB.com teams. At that moment I wanted some free time from phpBB (WHat was a large mistake :)), and decided to build a new site. Some people probarly remember it, it were as few moving blocks, with some strong colours that all had a different content.
At the moment I started the blog, I was already back in the phpBB.com teams.
Since the very first start of the blog is phpBB a very important part of the things I write about. nearly all posts have a phpBB relation, or a cause by phpBB. That isnt that weird, as you think iam busy with phpBB within all my spare time, and outside my spare time. Most blogs in first case were about MODding, as that was the thing I was (ofcourse at that moment) involved with. One of the first posts was regarding how to make a MOD and still applies actually. If I currently look at my site stats, I still see  lot of visitors reading this post.
In first case, mosts posts were actually in Dutch, but the last few months (Last year?) nearly everything was in English. Why? Pretty easy, phpBB is a international based community, and more people are speaking English. badly enough is my english not very well, so that always caused a lot of confusion, weird sentences, grammar mistakes and everything else. Not only here at my blog (Iam sure this post will be full of grammar mistakes :)), but also within the teams. Its for me really a pain to write something correctly in English, and iam happy a lot of people are so patient with me and my English. This is ofcouse not only wGEric, who invited my to the phpBB.com team, even that my english was like nothing, but also all other teammembers who helped me a lot with getting my English a lot better. Now days I hear a lot that my english isn’t that bad anymore (Okay, except for the grammar), but I don’t think a lot of people know that it costs for me a lot of energy to write correctly English sentences. phpBB related English is not a problem really, but as soon as it starts outside phpBB (So non technical etc) its for me really difficult to write a correct sentence, and to understand what something mean. Okay, I highly agree that my english is a lot better since, I joined the team, but its really not as good as I want myself, and as a lot people think. It costs stilla lot of energy, and my dictionary is still the most used book I have 😉 . The major problemms for me are around the social talks, nd not the technical talks anymore. But lets go back to 2 years ago ;).

Within the first year of this site I was a few times guest at the phpBBweekly podcast, and blogged a few times about it.besides that, thegold release of phpBB3 finally happened :D. Besides that, you dont see a lot of posts really :). Ofcourse you have londonvasion, the phpBB event where all teammembers meet all teammembers in real life. Here I did give a presentation for some people about MODing, a huge thing for me. I never did give a English presentation, and was scared to do so. I think a pretty good presentation was given ;). With that the first year of this blog was nearly over, and so is this post. Next post, the second year of this blog ;).

PS; If you find any English grammar mistakes, weird english sentences etc, just send me a mail, PM or comment whatever, as I always like to learn stuff from my mistakes ;). This ofcourse not only applies here to this blog here, but also to any other post somehwere ;).

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