Woo, finally some good news

Some probarly did know already that it wasnt going very well at school for me. The last few weeks I have been struggeling with what I should do next year. As of begin this week the chance that i was able to get this year passed at least (So I wasn’t required to stop) was pretty low due to some classes I failed.
But this morning I finally got some good news. Last week I already heart that I passed a english class (Whats the first time ever that I passed a english class in first case :P), but this morning I received a mail that I passed my project as well.
This was pretty unexpected as the project wasn’t working actually. But probarly due to the time I did spent on it I got a 6 (Out of 10) for my project.
This means that I have 4 extra, unecpected ECTS points, whats means that iam a bit more near the required 45. Around 20 to go still badly enough 🙁 So the next 8 weeks still busy++ to get it done 😀

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