Monthly Archives: April 2009

waking up badly

Yes, thats never a good start of your day :(.

This morning I waked up (I needed to wake up early as I had a appointment at school), and saw a bunch of mails from nagios. Mostly its nothing important, but in this case it said apache was down.
Why isnt it automatic restarted by direct admin, or later on by nagios itself? WTF.
Now the complete server was down from like 1.00 till around 8.00. Not a good start of your day…

working with the PIC

Last week I wrote already about a schoolproject iam currently busy with. withing this project the goal is to make a wireless connection into school.

This afternoon I finally got my programmer from the UK, and now iam able to program the used microcontroller. Some pics of this can be found here:

Hopefully I get tomorrow the first real results with the wireless connection 😛