Monthly Archives: March 2009 offline

As all of you know, was offline for some time in begin of februari. I did know that a lot of traffic here at my blog came from, but not that it was that much.
When I looked at my site stats a few minutes ago I noticed a large change in visitors at the time I really havent expected it was that much, see the attached screenshot. Continue reading offline

Ajax shoutbox, a new life?

A lot people know regarding my AJAX shoutbox MOD. Beside’s that it was very popular within the community there were also several problems with it.
The main problem, for me at least, was the user. Why? They didnt read the topics. They didnt read the support topics, while in a lot cases the answer was there. Because of that the support topics where getting huge, and people started to get angry. At a moment I decided to stop with it.

Currently iam thinking of starting with this MOD again. Ofcourse I still have the source code (Even if I said to several people that I didnt have it anymore!). Iam only not sure how to set up the support for the MOD itself. Doing it at a single topic at will instantly means a large failure, so that will not work. So iam thinking of setting up a seperate board for it so I can use that.
Hopefully more on this soon 😉

But now the question. What features does the MOD need to have? It already had some really nice features, but I still think it need some more. Good stuff to think about ;).


Waarom kan ik niet gewoon de dingen doen die ik moet doen?
Waarom gaat het slecht op school?
Waarom doe ik niet beter mijn best?
Waarom kan ik niet met meiden omgaan?
Waarom kan ik het niet?
Waarom ben ik zo verlegen?
Waarom kan ik niet eens normaal antwoorden wanneer een meisje wat tegen me zegt?