Debian lenny released, time to upgrade

Debian lenny is official released yesterday (See for more information the debian site,
So I decided to upgrade one of the servers of, more exact, my dev server basicly. Its hosting mainly our nagios installation, second DNS, some downloads and my dev things. So not really important for most parts :P.
Ofcourse I started with backupping everything that was at the server already. Doing this i found out there there is like 50gig of junk at the server, that can be removed. So its not only a OS upgrade, its nearly a clean start :P. Maybe I just install the complete box again, but iam not sure for that. Depends on certian other things as well.

First we will need to upgrade apt en aptitude. This to be sure there will be no problems later on this traject. This can be done by running
aptitude install aptitude
After running this command both apt and aptitude are updated to lenny.

Now we first do a minimal upgrade by calling
aptitude upgrade
This will upgrade the packages that dont have any problem or something.

after this its time to do the real upgrade, and this can be done easyly by calling
aptitude dist-upgrade

After this is called the full upgrade is done, and we need to wait a bit 😛

and lastly we can reboot the server and hope everything goes Ok 😀

After this reboot everything works luckily, and we are finished upgrading. I will only need to reinstall nagios3, as nagios2 was removed. This is hopefully not that difficult 😛

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