Installing debian, the hard way

As said earlier this week, one of my plans is to test Xen the upcomming holiday.
As I need for this a new debian install thats the first thing to start with. As my current dev box is pretty old (Its somewhere from 2000, with only a 800 MHz CPU and 128MB RAM), its going to be fun.
Firstly, as I dont have any CD-r’s anymore, and the box dont want to start with a USB stick to boot, there is no OS on it, and I dont have another floppy disk as the one in that box I have a problem.

After trying some stuff around I found a BIOS update, that should support USB booting. I also found a HD that has still debian on it, so we have 2 things. Now only needย  to find a floppy, what I need to use for the BIOS update. That wasnt that difficult ๐Ÿ˜›

Now I have those all I need to make a USB stick empty, and try to update it. More to follow soon?

2 thoughts on “Installing debian, the hard way

  1. I could never get Ubuntu 32-bit nor 64-bit editions of both desktop and server editions to ever install..

    I always had a CD-ROM drive mounting issue. *frustration*
    I think Debian will be the next linux package that I’ll try…

    Seems like, you may be able to boot up…

  2. The main problem is that my server is so old (its somewhere from 2000), and doesn’t boot from DVD (what isnt a problem, as I have enoughh of them) or from USB. And as I dont have any CDs anymore, this becomes a problem.
    So in this case its not the OS whats the problem, but more the server :).

    And in case ubuntu doesn’t work, debian probarly also doesn’t work, as ubuntu is debian basd ๐Ÿ™‚

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