iam to busy

even now in my holiday iam to busy with everything. I even dont have time to make a phonecall or such, but I also have the idea sometimes I dont have anything to do.

I dont have the mood to work on phpBB stuff (I actually dont really have the mood for that for months. I just cant concentrate on it anymore, and dont really like working on it as before. What did Ido now really the last few months?).
I have for myself a list of things I need to do, but none of those are done, but I also did nothing else really.
With what iam now really busy?

I really hope I can get back to real, and start from 1 september with my new study good. I now finnaly need to do something for it, while I did the last 8 years nothing for school nearly, How iam going to do that? 😐
Beside that, I also need to practice/read stuff for euroskills 2008, where iam a competitor.

Iam just to busy with nothing.

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