phpBB3 gold announced

It has been yesterday official been announced, the next version of phpBB3 will be the first stable version, phpBB3.0.0.

This wrote AcydBurn, phpBB development teamleader, yesterday at

7 years ago phpBB 1.0 was released to the community. Since then, phpBB evolved and grew over the years, now with a strong and healthy community and teams making sure everything runs smooth.

Everyone raise a glass to phpBB’s 7th release birthday. 🙂

As a little present to you, the community, we are now announcing the official release date of phpBB3 Gold:

13th December 2007 – 17:00 GMT

Be sure to be around for the release party – we want to celebrate the birth of the new generation Open Source forum software solution with you.

Yours, phpBB Teams.

As you can see, at the top of the phpBB site, you see a small counter:

swf countdown

THis counter counts down to the release of gold, this thursday 😀

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