How to develop a phpBB MOD.

Many times I have been asked how to develop a MOD for phpBB.

Developing a MOD for phpBB is not really diffucult. But before you begin, you need to have some basic knowledge of the following things:

  • PHP. phpBB is written in php, you can’t write a MOD without php knowledge.
  • (X)HTML. phpBB uses in his templates HTML. You need to have some knowledge of it to modify the templates.
  • CSS. To modify the style of your board.
  • The knowledge of read english texts, help people in english.

Before you start you need firstly think about what MOD you want to write. After that you can best look at the forums at to look at the MOD forums to see if there is a MOD that does the same.
If you dont found a MOD that does the same the next thing is to start a plan. You can’t create anything without a plan 😛
Before really start the coding know you need to read the phpBB code guidelines, and MOD docs (See Also, reading some of the code of phpBB can be usefull.

Now you can start the real writing of your MOD. Follow the code correctly, and test it :). This looks easy, but I can’t write it more difficult 🙁

When you finished, and think you are to give a shot you can post it at the DEV forums at to let it test by users. After that, and again when you think you are ready for it, you can submit it the the MODDB to let it validated by the MOD team.

Dont forgot that you can’t learn php in a day :). It can take months till years. And be patient when writing your MOD ofcourse 😛

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