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Cacti, Direct Admin and exim

For some nice graph with some data from the hosthuis servers I use cacti to make these. The only requirement I really had that it had to be using SNMP, and it gave the current number of mails coming in and out. I found one made by Ian P. Christian at his personal blog.

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mod ruid for apache

Another post about the setup of hostshuis.nl’s servers. This time not about the virtualisation iam using at the server, but about something complete else. A (pretty simple) apache module, but a very nice one (at least, thats my opinion :)). Read more »

Using KVM, its not always working

Yesterda I wrote about using KVM now on 2 servers. Just after I actually wrote that article I discovered KVM wasnt really working on one of these 2 servers (This server was just moved in, and is already a bit older as the other server. Its the old webserver kinda :)).

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Using KVM for virtualisation, why?

A month ago I wrote already in my previous post that hosthuis.nl is using KVM for there servers. Now that we moved our first server as well to a new datacentre, we are currently installing KVM on that server as well. A lot people think KVM is something complete else as virtualisation, and actually they are both correct as wrong. They are thinking its a KVM Switch, what means you can control serveral server/PC s with 1 keyboard or mouse (Locally, or with a special device via internet). However, this KVM stands for Kernel-based Virtual Machine, something complete else :) Read more »

Something about servers, moving sites, and greylisting as anti spam

I never wrote a lot about the few servers I manage already for some time. Since half November there was a brand new server for hosthuis.nl to replace mostly the current server.
The current server is a nearly 3 year old box, that hosts several pretty well known sites, like www.phpbb3styles.net and www.phpbbmodders.net, besides the own sites from hosthuis.nl. Read more »

Installing debian, the hard way

As said earlier this week, one of my plans is to test Xen the upcomming holiday.
As I need for this a new debian install thats the first thing to start with. As my current dev box is pretty old (Its somewhere from 2000, with only a 800 MHz CPU and 128MB RAM), its going to be fun.
Firstly, as I dont have any CD-r’s anymore, and the box dont want to start with a USB stick to boot, there is no OS on it, and I dont have another floppy disk as the one in that box I have a problem.

After trying some stuff around I found a BIOS update, that should support USB booting. I also found a HD that has still debian on it, so we have 2 things. Now only need  to find a floppy, what I need to use for the BIOS update. That wasnt that difficult :P

Now I have those all I need to make a USB stick empty, and try to update it. More to follow soon?

holiday plans

Yes, its finally holiday (And a long time ago I didnt write anything real here), and I hope I finally have some free time to do some stuff I planned for some time already.
Since last April iam already busy with the new style for “Het Gamehuis”, what is custom made for us. The only thing we needed to do was making from a sliced PSD a real phpBB3 style. Iam currently (Actually since April) busy with this, and its getting nice :).
But it still need to be finished, so this is something I really want to do this holiday completely :P.

Besides that I will try to find llook into Debian Lenny (Whats hopefully soon to be released) with Xen.  This will be used later possible for some new things hosthuis might going to use. This is already on my todo list for some time, and hopefully I will be able to do this now.
It at least need to be done before around May :P.
Hopefully my old PIII will be good enough to do my tests on :P

After that I also need some school stuff, like learning for a test again. The first monday after my holidays I need to  my math test again, as I failed for my first try. So I need to learn pretty much for that :(.

So I at least have enough things to do :P.