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De NS, @NS_online en waarom het soms zo fout gaat

Aangezien ik in Rotterdam woon en in Utrecht werk reis ik dagelijks met de Nederlandse Spoorwegen van Rotterdam naar Utrecht. Over het algemeen gaat dit best redelijk, zolang er geen vlokje sneeuw valt of de rails ietsje te warm is. Tenminste, zo klinkt het soms wel is?  Read more »

Android (Googles) developers april fools joke 2013

Sorry, the screenshots are in Dutch, however a brand new button showed up today on the androids developer console.





Dictaat Linux

Afgelopen kwartaal heb ik, samen met Kevin van der Vlist het keuzevak Linux gedoceerd om de Hoge School Rotterdam.
Voor dit vak hebben wij speciaal een dictaat Linux geschreven welke de basis van Linux behandeld en de student leert omgaan met de basis van Linux.

Het dictaat is te vinden op en kan vrij gebruikt worden onder de GPLv3.

De source files zijn ook online beschikbaar, en staan op

Android and JSON

This afternoon I needed to create a JSON string in Android. Trying to search this at google I found nearly no results, except for reading/parseing a JSON string. I didnt need that (yet), I just needed to serialize/create a JSON string. At the end I came up with the next class to generate a basic JSON string, and to use it to post to a website.

The class includes a method that returns a HttpEntity, that can be directly used to send to a website via HttpPost.
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Eigenlijk wil ik ergens over praten…

… maar ik kan het niet.

Fun things you can do with android

Now I bought last week a new phone, with android  2.1 iam kinda having fun with it. As a school project our project is currently to program for android (Whats not that difficult, it basicly is java :))

after playing a bit around with the SDK for android, I discovered a function that you can use to make a screenshot via the computer at your phone. (If you dont know how, its pretty easy. But I will post a bit more explained how later as seperate post).

Now the more weird thing, after some minutes playing around with this function, the phone was gone into sleep modes. So I expect if the phone is asleep, the screen is just black when I make a screenshot. However, it isnt, see the attached screenshot (Iam afraid you will need to trust me that thats the actual screen being displayed, I know :P).

The process of compile a new kernel

Like I said yesterday iam currently having major problems with my toshiba laptop due to the fan not working. Its topping at normale usage (So just some internet and nothing more really) at 70C, what isnt really normal. Read more »

Something about servers, moving sites, and greylisting as anti spam

I never wrote a lot about the few servers I manage already for some time. Since half November there was a brand new server for to replace mostly the current server.
The current server is a nearly 3 year old box, that hosts several pretty well known sites, like and, besides the own sites from Read more »

New wordpress again

Again, there is a new wordpress:
So it was time to update this blog again. it now runs WP 2.9 (Or at least, it should run 2.9, you never know :P)

Moved blog

I just moved this blog to a brand new server, hopefully everything is still working (And I still have email etc :D), if you notice a error, please report it to me :)