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What Microsoft does good.

I know the title is actually already controversial, and I did actually agree with that untill last year, I started using Windows 8 since a few weeks. Besides using Windows 8 itself, I also have a Windows 8 phone, and tried some Windows store development (Not for Windows phone 8 yet, but that might happens as well in the feature.)

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Windows, the new experience?

Some of you might know that I havent used windows for the last few years (Ok, there are a few exceptions, sometimes you cant do without it, and for the last few months I used it at work as well). Now I bought my new PC last weekend I decided to get a Windows8 license with it as well. Why? Pretty easy, I like some photografy, and as editing photos requires basicly or Windows, or a mac, I decided to stay safe and go for Windows. Untill now I used my parents computer to do the editing, however that doesnt really work out well. I cant use the PC at all times I want to, and I am required to save all my photos on a network share (However, I might still do that with my new PC, but thats something else). The first experience with Windows8, for a Linux user for at least 5 years, is not bad at all. Read more »

ZFS disk remove

Because I need to help some friend with backup up data from his broken PC I need to temporary remove my 2TB disks from my zfs pool so I have enough diskspace.

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Direct Admin API

The last few weeks I have been working with the Direct Admin API for a new android application. Badly enough the direct admin API is just one large pain to work with, there are several issues with it, and they all cause a general pain really. Read more »

greylist stats 2

A long time ago I wrote about using greylisting on my servers. Now, more then a year later, I accidently looked at the stats.

web:~# greylist stats
Statistics since Thu Dec 24 12:59:53 2009 (510 days and 7 hours ago)
243 items, matching 9708 requests, are currently whitelisted
0 items, matching    0 requests, are currently blacklisted
8 items, matching   26 requests, are currently greylisted

Of 120014 items that were initially greylisted:
-   5225 (  4.4%) became whitelisted
- 114789 ( 95.6%) expired from the greylist

As you compare these results to the results from the earlier mentioned post, there is not much different in the percentage. A bit less in percentage expired from the greylisting, however, not that much.

Badly enough, if I look at the amount of spam I get in my mailbox, the greylisting is less performing as back then. Right now, I get around 100 spam emails in my inbox/spambox, instead of 10 a year back. So it looks like I need to look into some changes, as I dont like spamfiltering, as it requires CPU.

Lighttpd and dualstack IPv6/IPv4 and SSL

Reading over the internet you can find a lot of information over all kind of related issues. However, nearly no one is, as far I can see, trying to get and a dualstack connection and a SSL connection working. Due to this, you can try to combine all kind of possible configuration issues, but you will find it is hard to get the correct one.

Getting lighttpd to listen on IPv6 and IPv4 (So dualstack) is not hard at all. Once you have SSL working with that together, it is not that difficult, however trying to find the right option is.

After a long try I came up with the next config file, what has a seperate SERVER["socket"] section for both IPv4 and IPv6. Not ideal, but is works, this site is visible via both IPv4 as IPv6, and thats the thing we wanted. For now iam going to use this, and hope there once will be a better solution. (As note, I also have a required redirect here, as I require the full site to be over SSL).

var.confdir  = "/etc/ssl/cert"
$SERVER["socket"] == "" {
    ssl.engine    = "enable"
    ssl.pemfile   = var.confdir + "/www_domain_nl.pem"   = var.confdir + "/AddTrustExternalCARoot.crt"   = "" 
    server.document-root = "/var/www2/"
#// 2a02:27f8:1001::2:1
$SERVER["socket"] == "[2a02:27f8:1001::2:1]:443" {
    server.use-ipv6 = "enable"
    ssl.engine    = "enable"
    ssl.pemfile   = var.confdir + "/www_domain_nl.pem"   = var.confdir + "/AddTrustExternalCARoot.crt"   = ""
    server.document-root = "/var/www2/"
$HTTP["host"] == "" {
    $HTTP["scheme"] == "http" {
            url.redirect = ("^/(.*)" => "$1")

Windows 7 and laptop Batteries

since around half october I haveĀ  been using WIN7 as my main OS on my laptop. At this moment, my laptop battery was working perfectly. Not as good as when it was brand new, but it was working for around 2-2.5 hours (Depending on what I was doing at that moment ofcourse ;)).

However, since I installed WIN7 its getting worse and worse. Begin Januari I noticed my battery was empty after around 1 hour. Woah, thats fast. 2 weeks ago, it was 45 minutes. Its getting worse and worse. According to WIN7 this was at this moment time to replace my battery. It was causing issues, and it might cause that your PC shutdown unexpected. WTF? Looking at google, it gave me some info, and WIN7 does give this message at the moment when the battery charges for less then 40%. At that moment it was 37%.
Now, 1 week ago, this was at 19%, and I was only able to use my battery for 30 minutes. Today, I was able to use it 20 minutes. I suppose within to weeks its just dead? :P

Now, this is actually going to cost me some money, a new battery isnt cheap. I suppose I also should kick out WIN7, else my brand new battery will be dead within months as well… Time to install ubuntu I suppose.

Cacti, Direct Admin and exim

For some nice graph with some data from the hosthuis servers I use cacti to make these. The only requirement I really had that it had to be using SNMP, and it gave the current number of mails coming in and out. I found one made by Ian P. Christian at his personal blog.

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Things can be easy sometimes

remember that I wrote about that KVM wasn’t working a few days ago? Yesterday I finally discovered the problem. I forgot to enable hardware virtualisation in my bios. Sometimes, iam just not so smart :P

mod ruid for apache

Another post about the setup of’s servers. This time not about the virtualisation iam using at the server, but about something complete else. A (pretty simple) apache module, but a very nice one (at least, thats my opinion :)). Read more »