Monthly Archives: November 2008

Zend Framework

Last tuesday I visited a meeting orginised by the dutch php usergroup. One of their presentations was about Zend Framework. The last few days I have done several tries with the Zend Framework, and it is really nice :).

You will see soon a new version of made with Zend Framework! :P

New laptop

Yeej, new laptop :P
I have him already a few days, but didnt have time to post it yet :P
I also dont have a picture yet, even that I promised to post it igor :P
It will follow, hopefully, soon.

Laptop died :( (Part 2)

Just called the manufacturer of my laptop and explained the problem, and they had really bad news. The chance of a internal short circuit, what is probarly causing the burned/melted connector, is around 95%. So it basicly means its dead :(

As a new laptop isnt cheap, please donate some money to me. Every euro is welcome: :)

Laptop died? :(

At least the power supply of it:


Now time to find out what the problem is, just the power connector or something else :(.
Probarly means buying a new laptop :(

Tentames over

Nu wachten op de herkansingen…

Post vanaf een iPod touch

Is even proberen hoe goed dit gaat :paul

Dont use wordpress SVN

it borks your blog, and kills your admin :P

Een tijd geleden

Het is ondertussen al een behoorlijke tijd geleden dat ik hier weer echt iets geschreven heb. Ik moet het toch echt weer wat vaker gaan doen :P. Read more »

Blog upgraded

I just upgrade this blog to the beta of the new wordpress, 2.7Beta 2.

It looks like the most massive changes are in the admin, its redesigned completely again. And its looks weird.
Instead of the old menu at the top, everything is now displayed in a left menu.

I think a lot people will like it, but its new :P