Monthly Archives: August 2008

First day to “school”

Today was my first day to school at this new school. This one was only for introduction (The real lesson starts monday :(), but I got my timetable.

I need now to go 2 days till 5.55 and two till 5.10 to school, and that sucks :P Mostly because at monday I have 2 hours in the morning, and then 1 at the end of the day.
And, because of euroskils I will be also missing in the first 3 weeks a lot of lessons because of appointments, what means I will be having a large++ backtask to fix :/

Euroskills is coming…

… and iam a competitor at euroskills. I will be, together with a classmate of me, participating at Ahoy Rotterdam for electronics.
What does this mean? We will be competing against other european countries at a test made by experts. We are having 2.5 day to finish the tasks, and at the end, someone will win :P

This means that i need to spent some time on reading stuff, practising and finding this out. It costs a lot of my time, but should be nice to do :P

For more information,

iam to busy

even now in my holiday iam to busy with everything. I even dont have time to make a phonecall or such, but I also have the idea sometimes I dont have anything to do.

I dont have the mood to work on phpBB stuff (I actually dont really have the mood for that for months. I just cant concentrate on it anymore, and dont really like working on it as before. What did Ido now really the last few months?).
I have for myself a list of things I need to do, but none of those are done, but I also did nothing else really.
With what iam now really busy?

I really hope I can get back to real, and start from 1 september with my new study good. I now finnaly need to do something for it, while I did the last 8 years nothing for school nearly, How iam going to do that? :|
Beside that, I also need to practice/read stuff for euroskills 2008, where iam a competitor.

Iam just to busy with nothing.


Waarom kan ik niet met dat soort dingen omgaan?

Londonvasion video’s

The londonvasion movies are made public today. As you can see below, this is one of the videos where iam giving a presentation about MODding.

More videos of londonvasion can be found here: if you want, you can also download them from here:

Changes to my site

Some of you rememer the great blocks, at the frontpage of this site. I just removed this part of the site, and instead is now redirect directly to the blog.
Why? Because the site wasnt really updated anymore (No time :)), and it wasnt really working as I wanted.

Iam going to try to add some of the things that I had at the old site to seperate pages here at the blog, but need to see how and when :P

WordPress upgraded

As I was still using wordpress 2.3.3 I have decided to upgrade wordpress now to the newest release, 2.6.1. Because I was to lazy to upgrade also my theme, I just overwrite everything, and reverted for now back to the default theme.
Maybe I will update it later back to the old theme, when I have some time or so :P